Professors and scientists are the most reliable, according to Brazilians; see list

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The three groups that Brazilians trust the most are, respectively, professors, scientists, and doctors, according to the “Global Reliability” ranking made by Ipsos, one of the largest research companies in the world.

The podium practically coincides with the overall ranking, with the only difference being that first and third place are reversed.

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In describing the methodology, the researchers point out that the samples collected in Brazil reproduce the profile of the more urban population, with a higher level of education and higher income than other citizens.

“The survey results should be seen as reflecting the views of the most ‘connected’ segment of its population,” Ipsos pointed out.

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For the survey, 21,515 participants were interviewed, from ages ranging from 16 to 84 years, between May 27 and June 10 of this year.

In addition to Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, Netherlands, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, UK, Sweden and Turkey.

Less reliable in the overall ranking

Considering all countries in the survey, Ipsos found that “politicians in general”, “government ministers” and “advertising executives” are the least trusted groups in the trust ranking.

They gained 12%, 16% and 18%, respectively, of the trust of all survey participants.

“As we emerge from the pandemic period, the state of confidence in the professions appears largely unchanged,” said Ipsos researcher Mike Clemence in a statement.

“The picture is similar with the professions in which the world least trusts: as in previous years, they are politicians and publicists. Overall, just over one in ten think politicians are trustworthy, and that number is even lower in much of Latin America, as well as Hungary, Poland and Spain,” he added.

Trust in the Armed Forces

The survey also pointed out that Brazil is among the countries with the lowest level of trust in the Armed Forces.

The ranking indicated that 30% of Brazilians trust the Armed Forces – one of the lowest rates among the 28 countries analyzed.

Brazil’s index ties with Poland and is ahead of Colombia (29%), South Africa (28%) and South Korea (25%).

The Brazilian result contrasts with the general ranking, which considers all the countries in the survey, in which the Armed Forces are considered the 4th most reliable group.

Check out the Brazilian reliability ranking:

  • Teachers – 64%
  • Scientists – 61%
  • Doctors – 59%
  • Researchers – 37%
  • Ordinary men/women – 36%
  • Journalists – 34%
  • Clergy/priests – 30%
  • Members of the Armed Forces – 30%
  • Police – 29%
  • TV news presenters – 28%
  • Judges – 28%
  • Civil servants – 24%
  • Lawyers – 20%
  • Business leaders – 20%
  • Advertising executives – 18%
  • Bankers – 14%
  • Government ministers -13%
  • Politicians in general – 9%

Source: CNN Brasil

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