Profile presented Finuevo Core, a new generation banking system

Profile presented Finuevo Core, a new generation banking system

Profile software, an international software development company, presented Finuevo Core, the new generation banking system that is the evolution of the leading banking system. As stated in the relevant announcement, Finuevo Core adopts a modern banking logic and offers a new personalized navigation experience to the user through a completely renewed front-end. The award-winning banking platform evolves into a system of modern technology and aesthetics, offering users the exact same functionality on all devices through the advanced responsive native web interface.

The platform has been radically redesigned with efficiency and ease of use in mind, leading to increased productivity and better customer service. Utilizing a modern way of browsing, users perform their tasks with ease, having direct access to the information they are looking for, while at the same time enjoying the high level of automation and the integrated workflow engine. The necessary interaction with the system is kept to a minimum, allowing more tasks to be completed at the same time.

Among the new features are special features that facilitate the interaction of users with the system, such as the possibility for voice commands (voice activated commands), user notifications, chat as well as advanced design and management of work flows (workflows). Combined with new personalized features such as dashboards, shortcuts and browsing history, the Finuevo Core platform offers innovative and competitive functionalities, aiming to meet the future requirements of a modern bank.

Finuevo Core is the new generation banking platform that successfully meets the current and future needs of the market making it the backbone of banking operations for a unified approach. Finuevo Core can be interfaced with any third-party system through standard APIs and together with Finuevo Digital, Profile’s digital banking platform, form the Finuevo Suite, a product that ensures full, front-to-back cloud and SaaS enabled coverage of banking operations for Banks and financial institutions (EMIs, MFIs, Digital Lenders, etc.) seeking digital modernization in the constantly changing business and technological environment.

Source: Capital