Prosecutor who beat boss is attested with “paranoid schizophrenia”, says report

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Experts from the São Paulo Institute of Social Medicine and Criminology (Imesc) attested that municipal prosecutor Demétrius Oliveira de Macedo — who beat up chief Gabriela Samadello Monteiro inside the Registro City Hall on June 20 last year — has paranoid schizophrenia.

According to the report, the prosecutor is considered unimputable – that is, he cannot be held responsible for the crime committed. The doctors responsible for the evaluation recommend that he be hospitalized for at least three years.

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According to the 17-page report signed by the experts Luiz Felipe Rigonatti, Patricia AP Cardoso and Elcio Rodrigues da Silva, the psychiatric illness that affects the prosecutor “impairs his critical capacity and pragmatism”.

“Such symptoms that were present at the time of the facts allow us to conclude that the capacity for understanding was impaired, while the capacity for determination remained abolished”, records the text.

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The document prepared at the request of the judgment of the 1st Judicial Registry, in Vale do Ribeira, 190 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo, was added on Tuesday (14) to the process to which the prosecutor responds for attempted femicide. The expertise was held on December 12 last year.

The aggressions committed by Demetrius took place on June 20 last year and were recorded on video. He knocks down the Attorney General of Registro, punches and kicks her and still calls her a “slut” and a “bitch”. Other servants tried to contain the prosecutor. One of them was pushed violently against a door.

Demétrius was arrested days later, located in a clinic in Itapecerica da Serra, in Greater São Paulo. On the same day, he was denounced by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for attempted femicide, insult and coercion in the course of the process.

The prosecutors Ronaldo Pereira Muniz and Daniel Porto Godinho da Silva narrated that the prosecutor, with “evident homicidal intent, tried to kill” Gabriela, “by means of violent blows inflicted mainly on the head” of the boss, “just not consummating the crime due to circumstances beyond the will of the agent”.

To the doctors responsible for the psychiatric report, Demetrius commented on the day of the crime. According to him, at the time, Gabriela was talking to another server, “telling him to take other contests”. The prosecutor said he felt ‘that the conversation was for him, that he was not welcome in the environment’.

“Then he felt very angry and attacked her”, describes the report. “Another employee separated them, but she was still very angry, broke away and attacked her again. She stopped attacking her alone, she doesn’t know why. She started swearing.”

“He believes he was being the victim of moral harassment. I had already made a complaint to the mayor, who took no action. The bride told him to concentrate on work. She thought that aggression would be a way to solve the problem. He believes that she acted instinctively to defend herself, ”says the report.

The prosecutor also told the doctors that he now “understands that it was a mistake”, “but he does not feel that he should be under medical treatment, today or at the time”. Currently, the prosecutor is being held in the Taiúva Provisional Detention Center, in the interior of São Paulo. There he takes medication daily. To the experts who evaluated him, the prosecutor said “he does not have any mental disorder”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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