Prostitutes on strike: The protest with banners in the middle of the street and the demand

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Her prostitutes went on strike for a week Brazil wanting to prioritize the coronavirus vaccine as front-line workers.

The prostitutes of Belo Horizonte took to the streets on Monday to protest the new conditions the coronavirus has brought to their work.

With hotels closed, they are forced, as they say, to have sex with customers on the street.

They call on the government to recognize them as front-line workers and to do the coronavirus vaccine an hour earlier. The government has prioritized health professionals, educators, the elderly, people with underlying diseases and the natives for the vaccine.

The trainers claim that they work in conditions just like theirs sanitary, as they even provide health information to clients and colleagues.

“We are at the forefront, we are making the economy move and we are in danger,” Cida Vieira, president of the Mina Zerais prostitutes’ union, told AFP. “We need to be vaccinated.”


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