Protesters on BR-163 prevent father from taking child to eye surgery in MT

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Self-employed professional Eder Rodrigues BoaSorte, 41, went viral on the internet after having a disagreement with recorded truck drivers. Truck drivers blocked a stretch of BR-163, near the municipality of Sorriso (MT), in the early hours of Tuesday (22).

The discussion was triggered when demonstrators prevented a car from the city’s Health Department from following the highway, which leads to Cuiabá. Eder’s 9-year-old son was one of the patients who needed to arrive in the capital for eye surgery.

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The autonomous spoke with the CNN and reported that, before leaving the city of Sorriso, he found out about the blockade and went ahead of the official city hall car to the road.

Once there, he presented his youngest son’s medical report to the drivers and tried to negotiate the release of the road so that, at least, the patients could continue their journey.

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The protesters opposed the release and, according to Eder, were rude and even wanted the child to lose the procedure. “Let him be blind”, would have said one of the participants in the act. He also says that the truck drivers carried scythes and machetes.

The images that circulated on social media were recorded around 2:30 am on Tuesday (22), after almost three hours of negotiations and discussion between the patient’s father and the protesters.

Eder says that the behavior of the drivers made him feel excited, after all, his son’s first exams were scheduled for 8 am on the same day, at the Hospital de Olhos de Cuiabá.

Even in the face of confusion, the path was not cleared. The patients managed to reach Cuiabá after taking a deactivated road, located inside a private property.

Eder’s son performed the necessary exams on time, but the surgery was rescheduled for this Wednesday afternoon (23). The operation is not covered by SUS and would cost around 15 thousand reais. The family managed to schedule the operation after going to court and negotiating with the Health Department of the municipality of Sorriso.

*with information from José Brito and André Rosa, from CNN

Source: CNN Brasil

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