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Protesters protest during consideration of abortion case at the Supreme Court

Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the United States Supreme Court building in Washington on Wednesday. The group was mainly composed of defenders of abortion rights.

Some protesters against the procedure also participated in the act and shouted “Pro-choice is a lie, babies never choose to die”. In response, abortion rights protesters shouted, “Pro-life is a lie, they don’t care if people die.”

The Supreme Court returned to the right to abortion this Wednesday (24). Judges from the highest instance of American justice discuss the arguments of President Joe Biden's government against a decision by the state of Idaho, which restricted abortion in practically all cases in 2022.

The Biden administration says the state is not respecting a federal law that ensures patients can receive emergency care. This discussion is supported by Republicans.

The Justice Department argues that federal law requires hospitals to provide abortions if necessary to stabilize the health of emergency patients, even in states like Idaho that prohibit the procedure. At the time the lawsuit was filed, Attorney General Merrick Garland characterized the case as part of the department's promise to “work tirelessly to protect and promote reproductive freedom.”

Idaho argues that the Biden administration is trying to adapt the federal law known as “EMTALA” — or the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act — to “create a national abortion mandate in hospital emergency rooms.”

Idaho's abortion law has a narrow exemption for abortions provided to save a pregnant woman's life. However, the Justice Department argues that federal law overrides state prohibitions that prohibit emergency doctors from offering the procedure to pregnant women who are in some condition that is not yet considered life-threatening.

Idaho is one of seven states that over the past two years have implemented a near-total ban on abortion, without exception, to protect the health of pregnant patients.

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the case is expected by the end of June.

***With information from Reuters and CNN International.

Source: CNN Brasil

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