PSOL wants to impeach deputy who argued with Talíria Petrone at a meeting in the Chamber

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This week, the PSOL presented a request for the impeachment of federal deputy José Medeiros (PL-MT) after he interrupted the speech of deputy Talíria Petrone (PSOL-RJ) during a hearing in the Chamber of Deputies last Wednesday (15).

The confusion took place at a joint public hearing by the Chamber’s Human Rights and Labor commissions to hear the Minister of Justice, Anderson Torres, and the director general of the Federal Highway Police, Silvinei Vasques, about the death of Genivaldo de Jesus Santos during an approach by federal highway officers.

Representative Talíria Petrone demanded explanations from Anderson Torres about the Genivaldo case and the disappearance of indigenist Bruno Pereira and British journalist Dom Phillips in the Amazon, in addition to criticizing the federal government.

A member of the ruling allied base, Medeiros then began to criticize Talíria for allegedly evading the subject of the hearing. When she asked him not to interrupt her, federal deputy Paulo Teixeira (PT-SP) intervened against Medeiros and they began to argue. The turmoil was eased with requests for calm by other colleagues present.

According to the PSOL document, Medeiros did not let Talíria finish the question to the minister, interrupted her and “generated confusion” during the hearing.

“Faced with the interruption, deputy Talíria replied: ‘I would like to have my word respected’. With his finger raised, Bolsonarista Medeiros shouted: ‘No, there won’t be, you talk about the subject. You talk about the topic!’, in which the parliamentarian replied: ‘Don’t start riot!’. Medeiros, then, goes after Paulo Teixeira, who asked that the representative represented respect the time of his PSOL colleague. The scenes shocked due to the aggressiveness and virulence of deputy José Medeiros”, says an excerpt from the text.

The request, signed by the national president of the PSOL, Juliano Medeiros, states that José Medeiros committed a breach of parliamentary decorum. He also classifies the case as one of political gender violence.

“Federal deputy Talíria Petrone – since her time as a councilor in Niterói/RJ – has been subjected to a terrifying degree of political violence of gender and race, denoting a high level of racism and misogyny in our institutions. The attempt by deputy José Medeiros to intimidate a black woman parliamentarian – with an active voice in institutional politics – is proof of that.”

In the request, the PSOL says that parliamentarians, under the terms of the Constitution, are covered “by the mantle of material immunity, being inviolable for their opinions, words and votes, except for abuses, misogyny, machismo and all forms of violations of human rights”.

The document must still be sent to the Ethics Council of the Chamber of Deputies for analysis.

After the hearing, that same day, Medeiros and Talíria had another argument near one of the Casa’s parking lots, according to the report. Each claims it was provoked by the other.

wanted by CNN regarding the impeachment request by the PSOL, Medeiros said he was not concerned with representation. He also stated that the document is “waste of paper and is not suitable for cleaning floors”.

Medeiros said he asked for a point of order – a technical term for speaking time used in the Chamber – while Talíria was still speaking, because, if he had waited for her, she would have already finished her statement about the disappearances and deaths of Pereira and Phillips in the Amazon. From her point of view, she should stick only to the Genivaldo case.

He says he was attacked with “horrendous words” and argues that at no time did he indicate that he would hit someone. “I defend myself, I react and they want to play the victim.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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