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Public Group Invests in Endeavor Catalyst IV Fund

Public Group Invests in Endeavor Catalyst IV Fund

Public Group and PCP Public Capital Partners, the first Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) that operates in Greece with an emphasis on technologies for omnichannel retail, participates as a limited partner in the Endeavor Catalyst IV fund. In this way, Public Group joins forces with international founders from the Endeavor network, such as Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn), Marcin Żukowski (Snowflake) and Kevin Ryan (DoubleClick, MongoDB) as well as important Greek investors, participating in the effort of the international non-profit organization to support entrepreneurship and the most promising entrepreneurs around the world – among them the Greek founders who are transforming Greece.

As stated in the relevant announcement, Public Group’s collaboration with Endeavor, an organization that selects and supports fast-growing businesses, raising funds with the participation of leading entrepreneurs and investors, is another important step in the implementation of its investment strategy, which focuses on developing an innovation ecosystem around the strong Public brand.

“Today, Endeavor Catalyst Fund IV, with the participation of investors such as Public Group and Public Capital Partners, managed to raise funds in the order of $292 million – the largest amount in its history. It aims to support innovative business founders and entrepreneurs who join our network in Greece and abroad, contributing to their funding cycles, helping them accelerate their growth and maximize their positive impact on local economies and societies”, said Panagiotis Karabinis, Managing Director of Endeavor Greece.

The ambition of PCP Public Capital Partners is to support fast-growing scale-up companies that have teams capable of competing in the international market, a proven business model and high customer satisfaction indicators, and which either operate in Greece or abroad but are interested in the Greek Buy. Its activity focuses on platforms or technological services around retail tech and direct-to-consumer eCommerce and in areas such as digital shopping, logistics & supply chain, entertainment & analytics, EdTech, as well as IT services.

“We are proud of our participation in the Endeavor Catalyst IV fund as it aims to support the entrepreneurs of the Endeavor network and through it Greek entrepreneurship, wherever it develops. What highlights the dynamics of the Endeavor ecosystem is that companies that once funded by Catalyst, are now participating as investors.Another key point is that Endeavor’s investment strategy is aligned with that of PCP Public Capital Partners, with nearly two-thirds of investments in the retail & consumer tech, fintech and enterprise software & services. Finally, through Endeavor we come into contact with talented founders whom we expect to help with our experience and network,” said Giorgos Danezis, investment principal of PCP Public Capital Partners.

Since 2012, Endeavor Catalyst has backed 49 companies that today exceed $1 billion in valuation as well as successful acquisitions and IPOs, ranking it among the top 5 most successful funds investing in “unicorns”. To date, Endeavor Catalyst records over 260 investments in 35 markets internationally, while its portfolio includes investments in Fintech (26%), Retail & Consumer Tech (23%), Enterprise Software & Services (18%).Through Endeavor Catalyst the organization intends to invest more from $15 million to Greek startups over the next 2-3 years Endeavor Catalyst IV fund has currently raised a total of $500 million under management.

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