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Public toilets, those in Rome are in the top ten of the dirtiest in Europe

Public toilets are a place that most people try to stay away from: over three in four people only use them when it’s unavoidable. And the Italian ones (in Rome, specifically) are among the worst: they return in the top ten of the dirtiest in Europe.

He reports it Showers To You that – for the World Toilet Day on November 19 – conducted an analysis of over 8,000 public toilet reviews on Google Maps to identify European cities with the least hygienic public toilets. This analysis takes into account the number of negative public toilet reviews in each city and how many times have words synonymous with “dirty” been used to describe them: a points ranking has been drawn up to find out which places give the highest (and lowest) priority to public hygiene.

If Rome is in 10th place with a cleanliness score of 5.77, Riga, Latvia, holds the black top for the worst public toilets, with 3.44 points and almost one in five reviews containing some word that alludes to filth. Restrooms in Warsaw, Poland had the lowest average restroom rating score of all locations analyzed (3.08 out of 5). Bucharest, Romania, boasts the cleanest public toiletswith an overall cleanliness score of 8.70 out of 10. In Rome, almost 9% of reviews include words meaning “dirty”, and the average rating for public toilets is just 3.51 out of 5: a a far from satisfactory experience for those who need to go to the services.

After Riga, among the worst capitals is Madrid, with a cleanliness score of 4.23 and an average rating of just 3.09 out of 5. And that’s a surprising result: Spain is known for its high hygiene standards. With a cleanliness score of just 4.47 out of 5, Valletta, Malta holds third place in the ranking of the dirtiest public toilets in Europe. It is also true that, due to the arid climate, conserving water is a priority in Malta, where many toilets feature dual flush systems to save water resources.

Source: Vanity Fair

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