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Puigdemont’s conditions to give the critical votes to a Sanchez government

The exiled former leader of Catalonia Carlos Puigdemont he set his conditions to give the support of his party’s MPs to a new government of hers Spain.

His main condition is that all court cases against him and other Catalan separatist leaders be dropped. Catalan should also be recognized as an official language by EU institutions, he said at a press conference on Brussels.

It is noted that Puigdemont’s Catalan party, Junts per Catalunya, has a total of seven MPs, whose vote is crucial for the formation of a government under the head of the Social Democrats. Pedro Sanchez.

How the Spanish Parliament is structured after the last election battle and based on the position that the parliamentary parties have taken so far, if the Catalan parliamentarians do not support Pedro Sánchez for the prime ministership then the most likely scenario is that the country will be led to new elections.

Addressing journalists in Brussels, Puigdemont, central figure in Catalonia’s 2017 secession attempt via referendumwhich was deemed illegal and unconstitutional by state authorities, called for “the complete and effective abandonment of the judicial process against the independence movement” through “an amnesty law.”

Source: News Beast

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