Pulse poll: The difference between ND and SYRIZA is at 10 percentage points

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The difference between New Democracy and SYRIZA remains in double digits, according to the latest poll by SKAI and PULSE presented in the main news bulletin.

According to the findings of the research, the difference in the intention to vote by reduction on the valid ones is 10 percentage points.

In particular, the N.D. gathers 32.5% and SYRIZA 22.5%. They are followed by the Movement for Change with 14.5%, the KKE with 5.5%, the Hellenic Solution with 4.5% and the MERA25 with 3%.

In the intention to vote with all the answers, the difference between ND and SYRIZA closes at 9%. In particular, ND gathers 31%, SYRIZA 22%, followed by KINAL with 14%, KKE with 5.5%, Hellenic Solution with 4.5% and MERA25 with 2.5%.


In extension of victory and to the question regardless of what you vote for, which party do you think will come out first, 56% say ND, 21% SYRIZA, 12% “other” and 11% “I do not know – I do not answer”.


At the same time, when asked who he is more suitable for prime ministerKyriakos Mitsotakis leads with 15 points of Alexis Tsipras, gathering 38% against 23% of the president of the official opposition.


When asked which of them political leaders better express the central space26% of the sample was answered by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, 23% by … “no one”, 22% by Nikos Androulakis and 20% by Alexis Tsipras.


Bad weather

When asked how well the state handled the bad weather, an overwhelming 72% said no, with 13% saying “little” and 59% saying “little to nothing”. “Moderate” reports 16%, “enough” 5% and only 2% “very” satisfactory.


Regarding the restrictive measures against coronavirus, 62% of the respondents are against relaxation and only half (31%) state that they should become milder.

Analytically, when asked if now is the right time to relax the measures against coronavirus, 39% answered “probably not”, 23% “definitely not”, 18% “probably yes”, 13% “definitely yes “and 7%” DG / DA “.

Source: Capital

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