Puppy and his owner have a luxurious dinner together and he was the best companion

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If you want to have a dinner by candlelight, but you don’t want to do it alone or in the company of a “cockroach”, then choose to take Firuláis. Yes, the idea can be a bit crazy, although after learning this story, you will want to give it a try.

A woman named Gemma Colon, originally from New York, United States, witnessed how a man and his dog were enjoying dinner at a fancy restaurant. What most caught the woman’s attention was the dog’s behavior and, of course, everything was recorded on video, attracting thousands of Internet users.

The peculiar dinner of this man and his dog went viral on social networks after Gemma shared a clip of what she and several diners witnessed at the restaurant.

Suddenly he was facing one of the most unexpectedly moving scenarios. I saw a dog sitting in front of a table, acting like a true gentleman, without losing his composure and eating calmly with his owner.

According to Gemma, the man was doing some crossword puzzles and drinking a glass of wine while his faithful companion drank water without splashing the table and was calm while waiting for dinner.

The fact left her totally shocked and, at the same time, made her smile. A waitress told him that the man and his pet used to frequent the place and that they had never had a problem, as he always maintains his composure, proving that the best companion for a dinner under candlelight will always be Firuláis.

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