PURPLE Talk 5.0.3

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1. Chat with your friends in PURPLE Talk without limits!

You can share your achievements even with those friends who are not connected to the game, as well as share fierce battles and moments of glory with them.

2. Unlimited access to the game, PURPLE On!

Control the game running on your PC remotely using the broadcast function.

You don’t even need to run the game directly on your PC. You can run it remotely with “PURPLE On” and start controlling it right away.

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Experience the new thrill of improved cross-platform play with PURPLE On.

3. Community, which contains the know-how of improvements for users, as well as the latest news about the game

You can easily watch all the most interesting and useful news about the game.

Stay tuned for important announcements about the game, as well as news about updates that have come out.

4. Check information about your heroes in real time on the main page of the character

You can easily and quickly view all the information about the hero.

Information about the equipment installed by your characters is available, as well as all the statistics.

Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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