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Putin held a lesson with students and promoted Russian propaganda about the war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin held an open class called “Talking about important things” with the winners of school competitions in culture, art, science and sports, promoting the Kremlin’s propaganda about the war in Ukraine to school-aged children.

About the purpose of the “special military operation” in Ukraine

According to Putin, some people accuse Russia of aggression in Ukraine, when in fact this is not the case. “No one understands or knows that after the coup in Ukraine in 2014, the people of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea – to a large extent, at least – did not want to recognize the results of the coup,” Putin argued.

According to Putin, Russia’s duty is to stop the war that the Kiev authorities launched against this people eight years ago.

“Our task, our mission, the mission of our soldiers, the militia of Donbas, is to stop this war, to protect the people and, of course, to protect Russia itself, because an anti-Russian enclave, which threatens our country, began to be created on the territory of today’s Ukraine,” he argued.

Putin also spoke about the need to support Russian soldiers who are fighting for the “protection” of the people of Donbass and the homeland.

“This is very important. And from the side of young people. Because the people fighting there are risking their health and many are dying. They need to understand what they are giving their lives for, for Russia and for the people living in Donbas.” , he argued.

“The Secret of Success”

The Russian leader is convinced that discipline plays an important role in success, but it is not enough.

“You need internal motivation to achieve a goal, a broad perception of problems and tasks, as well as an internal emotional disposition and sense of responsibility,” explained the president.

Putin paid special attention to the issue of helping the elderly, noting that it makes society more efficient.

The Russian president also emphasized that the success of an entire country consists of the success of its citizens.

Russia must lead in key areas, Putin added. “We ourselves must develop the main areas of development inside the country,” he stressed.

For the attempt to cut off Russia

According to Putin, in today’s world it is difficult to cut off any country from anything. “In the world of the dissemination of information, including scientific information, the Internet, etc., how is it possible to imagine that such a thing is practically possible,” Putin stressed.

Putin stressed that now there are more developments that require careful attitude and analysis in order, on the one hand, “to act decisively” and, on the other hand, carefully, “so that every step is aimed at strengthening our country.”

Source: Capital

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