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Putin: Nord Stream 1 will operate again, but with reduced gas flows – ‘Reason due to equipment sanctions’

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned today that natural gas flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, the largest pipeline carrying Russian natural gas to Europe, will continue but may be further reduced due to slow progress in equipment maintenance.

The head of the Russian state made it clear that if the dispute with the West regarding components necessary for the operation of the pipeline, which are subject to sanctions, is not resolved, the flows will be significantly reduced.

The Nord Stream 1 pipeline, which runs across the bottom of the Baltic Sea to Germany, has been at the center of international attention since the start of the Russian invasion – which Moscow calls a “special military operation”.

The pipeline remains idle for annual maintenance from July 11 to 21. According to the Reuters agency citing well-informed sources, Nord Stream 1 is expected to restart but with a reduced flow.

Speaking to reporters after his visit to Tehran, Russian President Vladimir Putin said there were five natural gas pumping units operated by Siemens Energy on Nord Stream 1, while another unit was out of service due to “crushing of the internal liner “.

“There are two working machines there, pumping 60 million cubic meters per day… If one is not returned, there will be one left, it is about 30 million cubic meters. Does Gazprom have anything to do with this?” Putin said, adding that another of the gas turbines is due to be sent for maintenance on July 26.

Nord Stream 1 has the capacity to transport more than 55 billion cubic meters (bcm) a year to the European Union, which last year imported about 140 bcm of natural gas from Russia.

Last month, Kremlin-controlled energy giant Gazprom cut gas exports through the pipeline to 40%, citing delays in returning the turbine being repaired by Siemens Energy to Canada, which had initially banned the return of equipment due to sanctions on burden of Russia.

The Kommersant newspaper reported on Monday, citing officials with knowledge of the matter, that Canada finally airlifted the turbine for Nord Stream 1 to Germany on July 17 after repair work was completed.

Putin stressed that Gazprom was not responsible for the reduction in natural gas flows, including Kyiv’s interruption of transit through Ukraine to Europe. In fact, he underlined that Gazprom is ready to fulfill its obligations regarding natural gas exports.

“Remove remaining restrictions on grain exports from Russia”

Vladimir Putin said Russia intends to facilitate Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea, but added that he also wants the remaining restrictions on Russian grain exports to be lifted.

The Kremlin strongman noted that the United States has effectively lifted restrictions on Russian fertilizer exports.

“We do not see any desire from Ukraine to abide by the terms of the preliminary peace agreement”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he saw no desire from Ukraine to abide by the terms of what he called a “preliminary peace deal” reached in March.

Putin said Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have offered to mediate to find a diplomatic solution to end the crisis.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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