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Putin says gas supply to Europe can be maintained

Putin says gas supply to Europe can be maintained

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that gas to Europe can still be supplied by an intact part of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, but it depends on whether or not the European Union wants the gas to be supplied.

He also said that the large leaks that suddenly appeared in the Nord Stream gas pipelines that connect Russia to Europe are an “act of international terrorism”.

Putin said the attacks on the pipelines, which European and Western governments called sabotage, set a “dangerous precedent”.

Speaking at an energy forum in Russia, he also claimed that the country “has nothing to do with the skyrocketing energy prices Europeans are facing this winter” and blamed the West for fueling a global energy crisis.

The Russian president said it is the developing countries that would pay the highest price in terms of rising energy costs.

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Source: CNN Brasil