Putin signs law facilitating Russian citizenship for foreigners serving in the army

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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Saturday that facilitates the process of applying for citizenship to foreigners serving in the country’s armed forces.

Under the law, which was posted on the Kremlin’s official legal information portal, foreigners serving in the Russian armed forces can now apply for citizenship without presenting a residence permit, which was previously required.

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Foreigners who have signed a contract with the Russian armed forces for at least one year will be eligible for the procedure, according to the changes made to the law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation”.

The move comes after Putin announced a “partial mobilisation” this week as Moscow seeks to replenish exhausted forces following a successful counter-offensive by Kyiv.

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The move is expected to shift the scope of Russia’s invasion from an offensive largely waged by volunteers to one that involves a wider swath of its population.

The announcement set off a ruckus for some Russians with conversations on social media — on platforms like Telegram — exploding with people trying to figure out how to get seats in vehicles heading to the borders. Some discussed the possibility of crossing borders by bicycle.

Source: CNN Brasil

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