Putin to announce accession of occupied regions on Friday (30), says UK

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to announce the accession of occupied regions of Ukraine to the Russian Federation during his speech to Parliament next Friday, September 30, the British Defense Ministry said on Tuesday (27).

Referendums currently underway in those territories are scheduled to end on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry said in its daily statement on Twitter.

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“Russia’s leaders almost certainly hope that any announcement of membership will be seen as a defense of the special military operation and consolidate patriotic support for the conflict,” he said.


The United States will “never recognize” Russian-occupied territory as “something that is not… part of Ukraine,” the White House said, as separatist leaders in four Ukraine regions say referendums are underway on separating Ukraine and accession to the Russian Federation.

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins at a news conference Monday that the “false referendum” was a “blatant violation of international law.”

“We will continue to work with our allies and partners to hold Russia accountable and support Ukraine for as long as necessary,” Jean-Pierre said.

“In what we are doing, we are prepared to impose rapid and severe additional economic costs on Russia, along with our allies and partners, in response to these actions that we are currently seeing if they go ahead with annexation,” she said. She added: “you will hear more from us in the coming days about this.”

Partial mobilization generates conflicts

Several videos posted on social media show hundreds of civilians taking part in a second day of protests against military mobilization in the Russian region of Dagestan.

Videos show fights in the main square of Dagestan’s capital Makhachkala, involving dozens of young people. They also show the police making a series of arrests.

In an apparent effort to placate the protesters, the head of the Republic, Sergey Melikov, said the mobilization must take place “strictly according to the criteria established by the president”.

In a message on his Telegram channel, Melikov said that if “those not included in the list were mobilized, including students, parents with many children with young children, guys who never held a machine gun in their hands, [isso] must be corrected immediately.”

(*With information from Nikki Carvajal, Uliana Pavlova, Josh Pennington and Jessie Yeung of CNN)

Source: CNN Brasil

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