Home World Putin to Soltz for Ukraine: We do not want war in Europe

Putin to Soltz for Ukraine: We do not want war in Europe

Putin to Soltz for Ukraine: We do not want war in Europe

His conversation is over Vladimir Putin and his Olaf Soltson the crisis in Ukraine, as the West claims that a Russian invasion is expected in the next 24 hours. The two leaders talked for more than three hours and concluded that neither side wants conflict, but security guarantees.

According to telegraph.co.uk, the Russian president stressed that there should be no war in Europe, but the interests of his country should be taken into account. “We do not want a war in Europe,” he said interests of Russia should to be duly taken into account».

The German chancellor also asked immediate de-escalation “We are very concerned about what will happen to the 100,000 troops and their activities in the near future,” the Kremlin said in a statement. We can not see any logic in the presence of troops. Therefore, de-escalation is urgently needed. “This is important in this tense and difficult situation, so that there is no war in Europe.”

“Green light” to Russia’s demands

According to apnews.com, the US and NATO have agreed to discuss a series of security measures previously proposed by Russia.

Putin said Russia was ready to take part in talks on him limiting the development of medium-range missiles in Europe, the transparency of exercises and other confidence-building measures, but stressed the need for the West to take into account the country’s main demands.

The statement followed the Russian Defense Ministry’s announcement of a partial withdrawal of troops after military exercises, raising hopes that the Kremlin might not invade Ukraine immediately.

“NATO started the last war in Europe”

Also during the conversation, the Russian president raised his voice and stressed that NATO started the last war experienced by the old continent and referred to the case of Yugoslavia.

Thus, responding to the comments of the German Chancellor, that his generation could not imagine a war in Europe, he said: “We witnessed a war in Europe and that started with NATO against Yugoslavia. ” At the same time, he said that at that time there were no “sanctions by the UN Security Council; It is a bad example“But it happened.”

“Let’s discuss some Russian demands”

Olaf Solz during the joint press conference, clarified that the EU and NATO had to respond with sanctions, as that was the “right”.

At the same time, he left open the possibility of accepting Russian demands, as he did not consider that they should be removed from the negotiating table.

«It was right that NATO and the European Union responded “Russia’s ultimatums, and while Russia does not agree with the answer, it is a good sign that it considers that there are some good points in it,” he said.

“Likewise, NATO, the EU and us we do not agree with Russia’s demandsbut we think there are some points in there that worth discussing“, He then added.

The joint press conference in detail:

Source: News Beast



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