Putin: Vaccination should not be imposed – Convince the world

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THE Vladimir Putin called today for the rhythms vaccination in Russia, however, stressed that vaccination “should not be imposed”.

“Our main goal at the moment is to increase the vaccination rates in the country. It is extremely important to convince people of her necessity “to do the vaccine, because only then will we be able to put a brake on the pandemic,” said the Russian president during a government meeting, according to the APE MPE.

He stressed that “vaccination should not be imposed”, but should be “detailed and specialized” to explain the questions that citizens have about vaccination.

Putin also said that in the summer of 2021 Russia was a Russian president in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, noting that “everything is not as simple as it seems” and it is “understandable that the world is tired.”

The Russian president pointed out that other issues are on the agenda, such as unusual heat and the fires raging in wooded areas, saying that almost all parts of the country were faced with these adverse weather conditions.

“In some areas, they were able to react quickly to the fires and bring the fires under control. “But this has not been achieved everywhere, at least as we would like, and because of the difficulties associated with wooded areas, the difficult accessibility of these areas and the fact that they are remote,” Putin said, noting that forests are currently burning in Yakutia, the Karelia and its area Chelyabinsk.

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