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Putin-Vuτςiτς conversation: In Ukraine, everything is going as I planned, says the Russian

Putin-Vuτςiτς conversation: In Ukraine, everything is going as I planned, says the Russian

Serbian President Aleksandar Vuτςiτς revealed in an interview with Serbian Public Television (RTS) that in a telephone conversation he had the day before yesterday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, reference was also made to the situation in Ukraine.

“Putin himself wanted to inform me about the developments in Ukraine, about the events in Butsa but also about his plans. He told me that everything is going as he had planned,” Vuτςiτς said, adding that he could not reveal details for obvious reasons. from the conversation. The Serbian president has said he does not accept the views of some Western politicians who liken Putin to Hitler and call him crazy. “We have known each other for a long time and I can not accept this approach where they call him Hitler or call him crazy. He is neither crazy, nor paranoid, nor hysterical, none of that. He spoke to me with stability, calm and logic,” he said. in his interview with Vuτςiτς. The Serbian president stressed that during the conversation with Putin, a significant degree of convergence was reached regarding the supply of natural gas and crude oil. He noted that the Russian side highly appreciates the fact that Serbia is the only country in Europe that did not impose sanctions.

In an interview with Serbian public television, Aleksandar Vucic also referred to the pressure he is under to align with Western politics. “A nuclear bomb is hovering over Serbia in the form of sanctions against Serbia or the suspension of accession talks with the EU,” Vucic said. He revealed that the pressure is so great that it is being harassed by NATO military aircraft and Serbian civil aviation flights to Moscow.

Vuτςiτς referred to an incident that took place last Wednesday on an Air Serbia flight from Moscow to Belgrade when a military plane, near the border with Lithuania, entered the Russian air traffic control zone and was flying very close to the Serbian civilian plane. “Russian air traffic control alerted our pilots that a fighter jet was flying too close and asked for identification. It was a gray F-15 or Eurofighter. It was apparently a NATO aircraft that violated Russian airspace and flew a kilometer below the “Our political plane,” Vucic said. The president of Serbia called this behavior unacceptable because – as he said – the Russians could open fire and endanger the lives of the passengers of the Serbian political plane. He said explanations had been sought from NATO for the incident.

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