Putin: We are considering the removal of the Taliban from extremist organizations

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THE Russia is considering removing them Taliban from the list of extremist organizations, announced on Thursday the Vladimir Putin, that is, the day after the talks between Moscow and the new rulers in Afghanistan.

According to the APE IP, Russia included the Taliban in the list of “terrorist organizations” in 2003, but welcomed Islamist rebels for talks in Moscow many times before they seize power in the country in August.

At the same time, the Russian president stated that his American counterpart, Joe Biden, did the right thing by withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan, a move that allowed the Taliban to seize power in a lightning offensive campaign.

Putin also said that this country should take financial support and thaw its financial assets, as Afghanistan’s stability is in the interests of all its neighbors.

Washington, for its part, has stressed that it does not intend to release billions in Afghan gold, investments and foreign exchange reserves held in the US, as they “they frozeAfter the Taliban seized power in August, despite pressure from humanitarian organizations and others warning that the White House stance could lead to the collapse of the Afghan economy.

It is noted that the Taliban withdrew support ten regional forces during talks in Moscow on Wednesday on hosting a United Nations donors’ conference to help the country prevent economic collapse and humanitarian catastrophe.

“Western-backed military development of Ukraine is a threat”

The Russian president also said that its Western-backed military development Of Ukraine poses a real threat to Russia and that the US Secretary of Defense paved the way for Kiev’s accession to NATO following a visit to the country earlier this week.

“The official accession (of Ukraine) to NATO “It may not happen, but the military development of the territory is already underway,” Putin said. “It simply came to our notice then really a threat for Russia. We know that. “

The US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin stressed on Tuesday that Russia has no right to veto Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO.

In his own statements, the Russian president said, however, that talks between Moscow and Washington on strategic stability and cyber security were moving forward. to the right direction.

Russia – US relations are in historical low after the Cold War, but Putin characterized productive the June summit in Geneva with US counterpart Joe Biden and showed that Washington wants to build relations.

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