Putin’s “Iron Doll” and the rant about… a nuclear attack at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

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Olga Skabeyeva, his “iron doll”. Putin stated that Russia should have nuked her funeral Queen Elizabeth on Monday, as London at the time was a perfect target with the throngs of world leaders who had gathered in the English capital to pay their respects to the stunned monarch.

One of the prominent Kremlin propagandistsSkabeyeva made the chilling statement on Monday night, hours after His Majesty’s body was laid to rest at the end of 11 days of mourning.

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THE 37-year-old journalist – who is married to a Russian politician – was talking to guests about when and where her country could use its nukes when she said: “We should have done it today, the best people are in Britain for the funeral.”

The moment Skabeyeva makes the chilling statement

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Asked by the BBC about it how the West should react in the event of a nuclear strikehe added: “I stress that if [οι Ρώσοι] follow that path, then we should not respond in a nuclear way. We will have to call on our other important capabilities, whether it is a cyber response or a conventional response. [όπλα]».

He also emphasized that Western military aid and training to Ukraine should continuebut that diplomatic channels should remain open to Kremlin.

Finally, to the question “what should the West say to Putin”, Gottemoeller replied that “We have done an excellent job in sending a clear message to his Moscow: ‘There is no impunity.’ We know what you’re up to, you’re not going to get away with it.”

Source: News Beast

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