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Pylos marina and the next bets of HRDH

In the utilization of the assets that can mobilize investments and renovations at local level, the attention of HRDH is focused, as at the same time the biggest tenders are prepared, such as those for the new concession of Attiki Odos and the sale of 30% of Athens International Airport “El. Venizelos”.

In this context, according to information, two new tenders are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. The first concerns the long-term concession of Marina Pylos and the second the sale of the property of the former EOMMEX in Tavros, Attica.

This will be the second attempt to utilize both assets of HRDH as planning issues and uncertainties had led to delays and ultimately the non-submission of binding bids in previous tenders.

Especially for the Pylos marina, the previous tender had started in 2013 with 11 interested parties, eight of which had passed to the phase of binding offers. However, engagements with the archeology, the local municipal authority and other bodies led to a long delay and finally in 2018 the tender was declared fruitless, no investment scheme that participated in the B ‘phase of the tender submitted a binding offer.

Earlier this year, the HRDH hired new consultants who are preparing the new tender, which will take place in a single phase, as well as the draft concession agreement. According to the latest Operational Development Program (ADP) of HRDH, Marina Pylos has a land area of ​​approximately 12.7 acres and the ability to moor about 175 boats.

In any case, according to market sources, this marina can attract significant investment interest, as Messinia has been developing dynamically in recent years as a tourist destination, receiving a boost from the Costa Navarino of TEMES. Besides, the Konstantakopoulos group was one of the main contenders in the previous competition and the information wants him as the main candidate in the new effort.

The former property of EOMMEX

Within the next few weeks, a new effort begins for the sale of the former property of EOMMEX on Koryzi and Thrace streets in the Municipality of Tavros-Moschato, as the previous tender in 2019 had been declared barren.

The property has an area of ​​3,295.75 sqm, in which there are buildings with a total area of ​​1,526.79 sqm. It is located just 250m from Piraeus Avenue and 150m. from Hamosternas Avenue with easy access by car.

It is one of the most important urban properties located in the HRDF portfolio, which according to competent sources, can lead to a new urban regeneration in one of the densely populated areas of Athens.

The next projects

Other real estate development projects that have remained in the Fund’s portfolio are in the planning and completion phase. The four financial offers for the property of the former American Base of Gournes in Heraklion, Crete are expected to be unsealed within November, while the financial closure of the property of V. Afantos in Rhodes is expected by the end of 2021.

The submission of binding offers for the Aretsos marina in Thessaloniki is also being prepared, and within the first quarter of 2022 the tender for the creation of a marina for 98 mega yachts in the port of Corfu is expected to start.

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Source From: Capital

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