Qatargate: Andrea Coccolino waived his parliamentary immunity and declares his innocence

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He pleaded not guilty on Tuesday (24/1) the Italian centre-left MEP Andrea Coccolinospeaking to his Judiciary Committee European Parliament while renouncing his parliamentary immunity.

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“I bear no criminal responsibility in relation to the Qatarqate scandal” pointed out.

Coccolino added that the charges against him are “very general” and maintained that he was never bribed with any amount of money.

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“I am completely unaware of the activities of Messrs. Giorgi and Pancheri,” said the MEP, according to the Italian press and as reported by the Athens News Agency.

Coccolino underlined, finally, that the e-mail sent by his aide, Francesco Giorgi, before a crucial vote concerning Qatar, had not received his approval and that “on the contrary, he himself voted in favor of amendments which stigmatized the all of Qatar’s politics.”

Source: News Beast

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