Qatargate: Michel Cleese remains head of the investigation into the corruption scandal

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With today’s decision of the Brussels Court of Appeal, it was agreed that the judge-investigator, Michel Cleesewill continue to lead research on the corruption scandal Qatargate.

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The decision of the Court of Appeal concerns the request filed by the defense of the Belgian MEP Mark Tarabellawho was remanded in custody on February 16 on charges of involvement in corruption and money laundering. The defense of M. Tarabellas had filed a request to release the investigator Michel Clez from the file “Qatargate‘, arguing that Mr. Cleese had violate the presumption of innocence of the Belgian MEP, when the warrant for his arrest was drawn up.

According to the APE-MPE, Michel Clez did not resign from the investigation and thus the request was referred to the Brussels Court of Appeal, which issued its final decision today. “Michel Clez remains the head of this research“, the federal prosecutor’s office confirmed to the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”.

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It is recalled that the alleged mastermind of the case, a former MEP Antonio Panzeriaccuses him Mark Tarabella that he received at least 120,000 euros in cash to defend Qatar’s seats in the European Parliament – ​​something which categorically denies Mr. Tarabella.

Source: News Beast

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