Qatargate: Pancheri is testifying on Tuesday – He is expected to give new names

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Next Tuesday will begin the secret hearings of former MEP Pierre Antonio Pancheri, who has committed in the five-page memorandum he has signed with the Belgian authorities, to give the names of people who have been bribed, as well as all the details of the Qatargate case, such as structures, financial transactions and third countries involved in the corruption case.

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According to SKAI’s correspondent in Brussels, Efi Koutsokosta, Pier Antonio Pancheri has already mentioned some names in the statements he has given so far, in addition to that of Francesco Giorgi, he has also mentioned Eva Kaili, not in the most positive way, while it is possible that also give new names that have not been heard until now.

Georgi before the pre-trial council on Thursday

At the same time, next Thursday Pier Antonio Giorgi is expected to speak before the pre-trial council in Brussels in order to decide whether he will remain in custody or be released with restrictive conditions

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At the same time, the international media also refer to Mauritania’s involvement in Qatargate, arguing that Giorgi in his testimony mentioned that he visited the Mauritanian embassy with Pancheri to provide information on what is being said in the European Parliament about the country.

According to Il sole24 ore which publishes an excerpt from Georgi’s testimony, Eva’s partner Kailis says:

“I rented my apartment to the ambassador and this was the deal: 1,500 euros plus 300 euros for expenses. Pancheri took 25,000 euros in cash. Even in Mauritania they have a problem with their image. That’s why they asked for Pancheri’s help to advise them on what to do.”

Source: News Beast

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