According to analysts at QCP Capital, the options market expects Ether to break through the $4,000 level and reach $4,800, despite uncertainty regarding the timing of the approval of spot ETH exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

QCP Capital believes that the bullish trend is supported by several market developments, including the fact that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has completed its investigation into the status of ether and will not bring charges of unregistered securities sales.

In addition, issuers of Ethereum ETFs have already received comments from the regulator and will provide their responses within a few days, which supports positive sentiment in the market, QCP Capital experts noted.

In their opinion, in the near future we should expect increased volatility of ether in the options market, which may exceed the volatility of Bitcoin. QCP Capital suggests that the hype around ETH-ETF is due to expectations of significant inflows of funds, as happened after the launch of Bitcoin ETFs.

Earlier, the co-founder of the American company Tether, William Quigley, said that the greed of large American financial conglomerates will ensure the emergence of new cryptocurrency spot exchange-traded funds on the market.