Q&R: The issuance of KOD up to 600,000 euros was approved by the General Assembly.

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The issuance of a joint bond loan through private placement, with a total nominal value of up to 600,000 euros, lasting five years, as well as the new board of directors of the company, was approved by the regular general meeting of Quality & Reliability held on June 28.

The General Meeting decided the issuance of the above joint bond loan which will be taken in the context of the implementation of the business plan and the strategy of the group. The details of the issue will be reported in the minutes of the Board

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At the same time, the G.S. elected the new board of directors of the company. The term of the new Board of Directors is three years, starting from its election and ending on 27.06.2025, but is automatically extended until the annual General Meeting of the year of its departure and until the relevant decision is taken. The members of the Board of Directors are the following:

PANAGIOTIS PASCHALAKIS son of Konstantinos, Executive member of the Board

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EMMANOUIL XIONIS of Heraklion, Executive member of the Board

NIKOLAOS HARITAKIS, son of Georgios, Independent Non-executive member of the Board

PANAGIOTA GRIGORAKI, of Aristides, Independent non-executive member of the Board.

EVANGELOS LIASKAS son of Alexandros, Independent Non-Executive Board Member

THEODOROS GEORGAS of Stylianos, Independent Non-Executive Board Member

STAMATINA DOKOPOULOU of Dimitriou, Non-executive Member of the Board

Source: Capital

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