Quadruple killer in Iraq: Young man killed his mother, brother and two sisters

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A quadruple murderous taken from film noted at Iraq. A young man murdered his mother, brother and two sisters in an area of ​​the country that has become a major route for traffickers in recent years.

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As reported by a police img, the young man was under the influence of an unspecified drug.

Ali Habib, born in 1999, shot, as reported by the Athens News Agency citing local media, four members of his family on the night of Monday (23/1) to Tuesday, said a local police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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The man was subsequently arrested and no reason has been given to explain his murderous action.

The quadruple murder happened in Qat, the capital of Ouazit province. This province bordering Iran has become a major drug trafficking route, especially crystal methamphetamine (a highly addictive synthetic drug), as have neighboring provinces.

Security forces have stepped up their operations in the area and are announcing almost daily drug seizures or arrests of traffickers.

According to police and Western diplomats in Iraq, the drugs come from Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

But Iraq is not just a transit country: the sale and use of drugs has seen a huge rise in the country in recent years.

In December 2021, the interior ministry’s anti-narcotics unit reported that the provinces of Basra and Misane are the main areas in the south for drug trafficking and use.

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Source: News Beast

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