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Qualcomm to provide chips for BMW autonomous cars

A Qualcomm said this Tuesday (16) that the German automaker BMW will use your chips in the next generation of driver assistance and autonomous driving systems.

The announcement made by Qualcomm was done before a presentation for investors, in which it was expected to give new details about its strategy.

a spokesperson gives BMW said the new chips will be used in your series of carsNeue Klasse”, whose production should start in 2025.

The company has also been working for challenge your laughsors gives industry of chips, like Nvidia and Intel, in the supply of chips that power driver assistance computers for tasks like automate maintenancegives of lanes and possible self-maintenance of the driving systems.

A Qualcomm it’s at BMW will use a computer vision processing chip gives Qualcomm for analyze givesfront, rear and surround cameras (in English refers to around).

A BMW will also use a core computing chip and another set of chips, gives Qualcomm, for braingivesr in vehicle communication with givesta cloud computing centers.

An existing partnership between the BMW of unigivesof autonomous technology gives Intel Mobileye or continue, said the BMW, although plans to launch an autonomous vehicle in 2021 have not materialized.

The two companies did not say how much gives group formation BMW the agreement with the Qualcomm would cover.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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