Queen Elizabeth and the “dead fly test” (to select personnel)

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Beyond the normal interview. To work in the service of Queen Elizabeth – as per protocol – are required quality specifications, which cannot occur through a simple discussion between the candidate and the recruiter. Here is that Tracey Waterman, the manager who trains the servants to the standard reali, has devised a bizarre Practice Test to select the perfect housekeeper for the sovereign.

“The main requirement for working at court is attention to detail», He declared in the documentary of Channel 5, Sandringham: The Royals at Christmas. “I really like take a test, which consists in positioning a dead fly in the fireplace, or on the carpet. Then when I bring the candidate in the room, I give him time to look round and I point to the fireplace and the carpet, extolling them the preciousness».

At that point, the possible reactions are three: “My hope is that the aspiring ruler notice the insect, it happens more or less in the half of the casesWaterman explains. “I can say that five out of ten they notice the dead fly, but only a person he reaches down to pick it up. Here that is perfect maid to work at court ”, because it means that he also has an eye for the little things and acts immediately.

The latest ad for a position of that guy in the Windsor house dates back to a year ago, which expired on January 19. It is not clear how long it lasted the selection but, according to Mirror, the last housekeeper in the service of Queen Elizabeth was hired last October, with a salary of 22 thousand euros, as well as lunches, dinners, travel expenses and the option of reside in the actual buildings, both in the city and in the countryside.

A benefit bound – in fact – to one condition: maximum attention to fireplaces and carpets.

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