Queen Elizabeth and the saddest anniversary: ​​74 years ago the announcement of the wedding with Philip

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It’s been three months since she had to say goodbye to her beloved Philip, and the pain of separation after a life together certainly cannot be erased. Yet the queen Elizabeth II she returned to show herself in public vital and smiling, as the prince would have liked. However, there are days when the absence of her husband inevitably makes itself felt more, like today. In fact, the seventy-fourth anniversary of the announcement of the marriage between Elizabeth and Philip. And it is there first time in the long span of time since that July 10, 1947 than the British sovereign she finds herself remembering those special moments by herself.

Philip and Elizabeth, distant third cousins, both great-great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria, met for the first time in 1934 and then again three years later. But it’s in the summer of 1939, when Elisabetta was just 13, that sparked off. She is immediately struck by that boy “handsome as a Viking”, as she confides to her sister Margaret. Since then and for the duration of the Second World War between the two there is an intense and passionate exchange of letters. Until, at the end of the conflict, Philip decides to ask King George VI for the hand of his eldest daughter. The official engagement it was announced to Great Britain on July 10, 1947, exactly 74 years ago. In the first official photo after the announcement, Elisabetta, with a light dress, arm in arm with a radiant Philip (see photo above), is wearing the engagement ring for the first time. A jewel designed by Filippo himself, with a three-carat diamond from Battenberg’s mother Alice’s tiara. A stone that Alice in turn had received for her wedding with Andrew, Prince of Greece and Denmark, from Emperor Nicholas II and Alexandra of Russia. Since Elizabeth never separated from that ring, a pledge of love that has bound them forever.

To marry the future Queen Philip he must renounce the throne of Greece. The royal wedding, go down in history why the first to be broadcast on television (from the BBC), the November 20, 1947, in the solemn Westminster Abbey in London. She is a 21-year-old princess, he is a 26-year-old naval officer. All the royal houses in the world participate in the wedding, thousands of people take to the streets and squares of London to watch the new royal couple.

Ever since the two got married, Elisabetta has always spoken of Philip with great affection, starting all the sentences with “My husband and I”. On the other hand, he has always respected the real “three steps back” rule, never forgetting who had the crown on their head. Now that the sovereign is left without her husband whom she defined as “simply my strength”, to support it has the strength of memories. Like that of the far 10 September 1947, when he was able to announce his love for Philip to the whole kingdom.

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