Queen Elizabeth “has no intention of giving the crown to her son Charles”

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For months it has been rumored that Elizabeth II in 2021, the year of his ninety-fifth birthday, he will retire. Making room for the son Carlo. The seventy-two-year-old prince, first in line of succession to the throne, he has been preparing for this moment all his life. In recent years he has already replaced the queen on many occasions and in all trips abroad, where he is already received as a sovereign.

The crown, however (or at least the regency with which he would be sovereign in all respects, title excluded), for him it will remain a mirage also in 2021. «The queen, despite her age, is fine. His body and mind show no weakness. Therefore he has no intention of passing the throne to his son“. That Her Majesty is in excellent shape for her ninety-four years is also shown by the ride in the grounds of Windsor Castle. Sure, now to the horses prefers ponies, “a little closer to the ground”. But it continues to mount. And although he had to give up, due to coronavirus, the approx 250 royal duties annuali, continues to make his voice heard remotely. And it is a rumor that after almost sixty-nine years of reign (Elizabeth will celebrate them on February 6) still makes history. Proof of this are the memorable speeches with which he heartened the British people at the time of the pandemic.

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The news that the queen has no intention of stepping aside comes just in the days when thehe British crown was troubled by the “exhumation” of an old film. Someone put the documentary on Youtube Royal family that at the time of its release, it was 1969, a lot infuriated the queen and her husband Philip. The video was quickly removed, not until it hit the web. What was there? For example Elizabeth II paying for the sweets for the little Prince Edward from her own pocket, Charles of England who practices water skiing, the prince Filippo struggling with sausages and steaks during a barbecue. With those images the BBC, at the end of the sixties of the last century, wanted to show the more “human” side of the royals. Yet the Windsors didn’t like the movie. And apparently they don’t like it yet. Too much “humanity” for the crown?

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