Queen Elizabeth is already thinking about Christmas (without Harry and Meghan)

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Christmas is an amplifier of emotions and memories, it doesn’t matter if you are there Queen Elizabeth II or any other person on the face of the earth, the disruptive effect this party has is as democratic as it gets. It is no coincidence, for example, that according to what Ken Wharfe, Diana’s bodyguard for 7 years, revealed, it would have been during Christmas 1991, with the whole family gathered in Sandringham, that Diana would have obtained the awareness of the end of the marriage. with Carlo. Between lights and garlands, the unbearable incommunicability and unhappiness of the couple screeched even more, to the point of making the sad princess. As we know, the two would have taken a year to formalize the separation, but this is Christmas: if a candle is lit it becomes blinding, if the flame is weak it inevitably dies.

This is why as the celebration approaches, one cannot help but think of Lilibet e at the first Christmas without his rock: his Philip. The box of memories must have already begun to open in the Windsor house, with the queen who cannot but remember last year’s lunch, during one of the hardest phases of the pandemic, alone with her husband, exceptionally at Windsor Castle and not in Sandringham as by tradition. An atypical, different Christmas, which for the first time in many years of marriage he was letting the two discover the beauty of being alone.

Who knows if Elisabetta already had a clear picture of the situation, with the ghost of her husband’s passing sitting next to them. The thing that seems certain, however, is that the queen this year has no intention of being alone and would have already started sending the invitations, clearly all accepted except one, it would seem. I Dukes of Sussex in fact, as we know, according to what was anticipated by Page Six, they would have declined the invitation. As was to be expected, after all. Together with them, in fact, the “elephant in the room” would inevitably show up at the Christmas dinner, which this time no one could have ignored.

Because at Christmas we are “all the same”. Christmas is not the inauguration of a public statue during which, in public, by protocol and good manners, one can pretend to endure, at Christmas the barriers fall and dukes, princes and queens do not exist. There are loves and hatreds, there are words that are impossible to erase. There are the infamies launched worldwide against your family, which the world may have forgotten, because yes, almost no one remembers the Sussexes from Oprah, but that a father, a brother, a daughter-in-law cannot forget.

You can’t show up at the door with a “Merry Christmas, by the way sorry if I said you are racist and bully in front of the whole world.” Every moment, every intersection of glances, every goblet raised, an eyebrow out of place and the bomb could go off. Everyone knows, Harry especially and with pain must have realized that maybe that wasn’t the case. This year there will be only a grandmother, a widow, who will not be able to hug her grandson again. A broken father and brother. A broken family, for the umpteenth time. Irremediably divided again for a wedding, as in the most classic of clichés.

What will be the evolution of relations between the Sussex and the royal family we can’t know, they say that time can heal wounds and perhaps it is true, but we are talking about years that must pass, years that are not always taken for granted.


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