Queen Elizabeth: The “Princes’ Vigil”

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Vigil for the Queen Elizabeth held at the Cathedral of Agios Aegidos in Edinburghwhere His Majesty rests.

They surrounded the royal coffin – they each stood on one of the four sides of the oaken coffin – the King Charles and the rest of his siblings, Princess Anne, o prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

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Royal wife Camilla and other members of the royal family are also present at the vigil.

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Earlier on Monday night (12/9) it started popular pilgrimage on the body of the queen, after the end of the eulogy.

Thousands of people waited patiently for hours to enter the Temple and pay their respects to the Queenfour days after her death, aged 96.

Faced with huge queues, the Scottish Government increased the number of lines in the screening zone, dramatically increasing the number of people allowed into the cathedral. Officials estimate that up to 6,000 people an hour entered the Temple.

The closed coffin, draped in the Scottish Royal Banner, will remain in Edinburgh for 24 hours and will be flown to London tonight (Tuesday, 13/9).

After passing through Buckingham Palace, it will be displayed in Westminster, where the public will be able to worship it from 17:00 (local time, 19:00 Greek time) on Wednesday continuously until 06:30 (local time, 08: 30 Greek time) on Monday.

Her funeral will take place at 11:00 (local time, 13:00 Greek time) on Wednesday at Westminster Abbey.

More than 200,000 people had paid homage in 2002 to the body of Elizabeth II’s mother. This time, the Times estimates that up to 750,000 people may go to pay their respects to the late queen.

“There is a risk that the queue will be too long. You will have to wait for long hours, often overnight, without much opportunity to sit down,” the British government warned in a document in which describes the rules that citizens should respect.

Source: News Beast

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