Queen Elizabeth: This is the cause of death – What the official certificate says

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Her death certificate Queen Elizabeth came to the “light” and reports that the 96-year-old monarch passed away due to “old age”.

THE DailyMail published the certificate recording that the Queen died at Balmoral Castle on Thursday 8 September at 15:10, more than three hours before the public was informed.

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The time of death in the historic document, which gives the monarch’s occupation as ‘Her Majesty the Queen’, means only King Charles and his only sister were at their mother’s side when she died in Aberdeenshire three weeks ago.

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Prince William, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward were in the air when the Queen died.

Prince Harry was not on the plane with his brother and had to make his own trip to Scotland on a jet from Luton after his grandmother died. He touched down in Aberdeen at 6.46pm, 16 minutes after the Palace made its announcement.

Source: News Beast

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