Queen Elizabeth: What Happens to Her Health – “It ‘s Really Worse Than We Know”

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There is concern about her state of health Queen Elizabeth, who is 95 years old. According to Bild, citing reports and an article stating that “in fact they are worse than we know”.

The recent hospitalization of the Queen, as well as the many canceled trips have caused concern for the real state of her health. In fact, its cancellation travel to Scotland for the UN conference for the climate, brought new scenarios, with doctors recommending rest to the 95-year-old monarch.

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“There is growing panic in royal circles,” a source told Us Weekly.

“In fact, everything is much worse than is known”, claims a second source as noted in the article in the German Bild.

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“Her condition worsened after the death of Philip”

Since the beginning of October alone, the Queen has made 19 big appearancesι ραντεβού. After the death of Philip’s husband, obviously wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible.

As one of the palace experts in BILD reveals, however, “we were all very surprised that, very soon after Philip’s death, he insisted on attending official appointments.

Family and friends clearly observed that the monarch’s condition “has deteriorated since his death Philip“».

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