Queen Elizabeth, who “personally designed the tombstone” for her corgi Susan

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It was January 26, 1959 when a Sandringham House, residence in the countryside of the fEnglish royal familythe little dog turned off Susanwhich had been given to the Queen Elizabeth at the completion of 18 years. After his death – he tells Caroline L. Perry, author of The Corgi and the QueenHis Majesty sent a heartfelt letter to Harold Swannthe vet who had assisted until the end the Pembroke Corgi.

«I would like to thank you for all you have done for my dear old Susan da when she got sick and for the immense amount of problems you have faced to send her to Cambridge and try to cure her,” she would have written late sovereign. “I received it as a gift when she was just six weeks old and I’ve had it ever since fear of losing her, but i’m so thankful that its suffering was so short.”

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The letter – always according to what Caroline L. Perry reveals in the interview with People – ended with “kind regards, Elizabeth R”where is it R He was about to Queen (and not the usual Q Of Queen). Susan was later buried in Norfolkwithin the Windsor estate, with a grave designed by His Majesty. Or rather, she «chose personally the inscription on the tombstone»: «For almost 15 years, faithful companion».

Susan was the progenitor of ben 14 generations, over 30 dogs who have lived beside the sovereign: a lineage that ended in 2018 with the disappearance of Willow. The queen, in fact, considering her age, had chosen to put an end to the farm: “He didn’t want to leave anyone behind.” But two years ago, the son Andrew he gave her Muick And Sandytwo corgi puppies, who have been with her till death.

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Abbacchiati, al leashthey observed from the stairs of the windsor castle the passage of the funeral procession: one of the most iconic photos of the last farewell to Elisabetta, who recounts theimmense love which united her with her four-legged friends.

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