Queen Elizabeth, who “weighs her guests at Christmas”

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Everyone on the scale. Among the various royal traditions related to Christmas, there is one particularly bizarre, recently resurfaced from the film Spencer: as the film by Pablo Larrain, in fact, the Queen Elizabeth she usually weighs her guests before and after the holidays, that is, at the entrance and exit of Sandringham House, where senior members of casa Windsor they usually meet at the end of December.

According to what was revealed by the expert Ingrid Seward, it is a habit that has roots very ancient: «It dates back to the early years of Twentieth century, when he was on the British throne Edward VIISaid the biographer speaking with Grazia UK. «A practice that served a certification the fun of those present “. The goal was therefore not keep the line, indeed: putting on a kilo was considered approval rating.

Despite Diana – in the film masterfully played by Kristen Stewart – observed with terror that scale because of his own food disorders, however, we cannot speak of body shaming. On the contrary, weigh yourself in front of everyone – albeit enough absurd – it might seem like an exercise in free acceptance, without judgments, with irony. But still, in the Norfolk, the Windsors carry on this tradition?

There are no recent testimonies. And it’s not even clear what it is the weight delta that guarantees the satisfaction of the guest (it is rumored 3 pounds, ie 1,3 chili). Among the many questions, certainty is represented from affection which unites the queen to customs, especially those Christmas. Through some interviews, for example, it transpired that His Majesty does not want expensive gifts, but original and fun.

Sure, just try to imagine Kate Middleton e Meghan Markle who take off their heels before entering the palace and climb on the scales …


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