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Queen’s funeral is an opportunity for England to strengthen ties, says expert

In an interview with CNN this Sunday (18), Francisco Vieira, a doctor from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF) and a specialist in royalty, said that the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is an important diplomatic event that will help England to strengthen ties with other nations.

“This is an opportunity for England not only to be recognized by other nations as sovereign, but also to strengthen ties. It is a diplomatic moment, however short it may be,” she said.

Second Vieira, for the British monarchy, the moment means an “affirmation”.

“I believe that [o cerimonial] for the monarchy is an affirmation, a popularity, a whole week in which they were in the pages of all the newspapers […] so that keeps the flame lit,” he said.

On the other hand, for the subjects, the moment is “very important to pay this homage in an orderly manner”.

“There is equality there, everyone is a subject. And that reflects a certain dignity that maintains security,” said the expert.

Elizabeth II’s funeral will take place this Monday (19) at Westminster Abbey in London.

The queen’s coffin is in the Palace of Westminster where it receives visits from the public and international leaders and authorities.

Source: CNN Brasil

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