Home Entertainment Quentin Tarantino against Marvel: «Those actors are not real movie stars, right?»

Quentin Tarantino against Marvel: «Those actors are not real movie stars, right?»

Quentin Tarantino against Marvel: «Those actors are not real movie stars, right?»

The very personal battle of Quentin Tarantino against the universe Marvel it has ancient roots even if, there and then, it seemed that theirs was a love relationship. “As a boy, I was a fanatic collector of Marvel comics,” said the director during the podcast 2 Bears 1 Cave. “If these films had come out when I was twenty, maybe I would have been very happy and loved them. But also because they wouldn’t be the only titles produced in Hollywood. Now I’m almost sixty, and on screens you only see superhero films… so no, I don’t feel any enthusiasm in front of these titles». Tarantino’s criticism, rather than Marvel itself, is in fact aimed at production companies which, right now, are only interested in investing in safe blockbusters without taking any more risks.

The pulp director will become a father for the first time. Tarantino is expecting a baby from his wife Daniella Pick, an Israeli model and singer with whom he got married last November, after the filming of Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood ended.

«I’m very pissed because it seems that they are the only thing that can be produced, the only thing that can generate enthusiasm in a fanbase, and also in the Studios that make them. I chide the fact that the Marvel films are the entire representation of the cinematic age that we are living. There isn’t much room for anything else, and this is the real problem for me». Quentin Tarantino’s perplexity, however, does not spare even the actors who lend their faces to the characters of that world there: «Today there are all these actors who have become famous because they have played superheroes, but they are not real movie stars, right? Captain America is the real star. Or Thor. I’m not the first to say it, but I repeat: the characters in these franchises are the real stars, not the actors who play them».

As for him and, in particular, the rumor that his next film will be the last, Quentin Tarantino has chosen to respond with great honesty: «I’ve been doing this job for thirty years, and maybe it’s time to stop the show. I’m an entertainer, I want to leave the audience wanting more,” he told CNN. “I don’t want to become an old man who has lost his touch”, he added. “Actually, I already feel like an old man when I look at today’s cinematic landscape. That’s exactly what’s happening to me.” This film, however, Tarantino is in no hurry to shoot: «I have my book, many other things at stake. I will then decide what my next film will be about».


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