Quick shopping, entering a cafe and translating anything: how Google improves the search engine

Yesterday, September 28, Google employees at the Search On event told and showed how various achievements in the field of artificial intelligence allow the search giant to significantly improve and transform the company’s existing information products. Google representatives at the event said that more than two decades ago, the team started with a simple text search on the Internet, but now the system works more intuitively, naturally and comprehensively, providing new ways to search for information. Developers combine images, sounds, text, and voice to create search as a person imagines it.

Visual search has become more natural

In today’s world, users very often use their smartphone’s camera not only to save memories, but also to visually search for various things. In 2017, the company introduced the “Lens” to the world, so that anyone could find the necessary content on the Internet using a photo or image from the Internet – now the system processes up to 8 billion questions per month. And to improve this system, developers are introducing a multi-search function – now you can simultaneously use an image with text accompaniment to get a more accurate answer or, for example, find a shirt with the desired pattern faster.

Translation of content taking into account the background

One of the most important features of visual search is the ability to overcome the language barrier – thanks to artificial intelligence, translating text in images is not a big problem. Due to the fact that the technology works extremely well, users translate up to 1 billion images per month from more than a hundred languages ​​of the world – we are talking about shop windows, menus, signs, signs, and so on. Now, when translating words and sentences, the system will take into account the background image to make the content look more appropriate – for this, Generative Adversarial Networks machine learning technology is used.

More advanced cards

It’s no secret that Google is very actively developing its Maps, constantly integrating new tools and capabilities. And now the company has reached a completely new level with its 3D maps, which will not only show the entrance to the institution where you need to go, but also tell you about the weather conditions and the workload of the location at a specific time. A very handy tool that allows you to explore a location like a restaurant or cafe even before the user goes to a meeting, plus you can always prepare for certain weather conditions. True, the function so far only works with 250 establishments, but they promise to expand it.

Source: Trash Box