Quzhou Stadium: Impressive is the stadium in Shanghai that is… sunken into the ground

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The impressive Quzhou Stadium in Shanghaiwhich is embedded in the ground and covered with thatched roofs. The with an area of ​​33,731 square meters and a capacity of 30,000 seats stage located in the city of Quzhou, 400 kilometers southwest of Shanghai and surrounded by forests.

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It is, as APE-MPE notes, the center of the Quzhou Sports Park under construction, whose area will reach 700 square kilometers. Will be “the largest inland complex in the world” supported by the architectural office, headed by Ma Yansong.

Although it is partially submerged in the ground, the shape of the stadium was created with a reference point a mountain range visible from it. “The landscape brings to mind the landscapes of planets that they imagined visionary science fiction writers” said the office of the stadium architects. “It was conceived as a piece of land art that immerses itself in nature and welcomes everyone to gather and share the spirit of the sport,” they added.

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Source: News Beast

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