R. Svigkou: SYRIZA-PS is ready, at any time, to give battle to the elections

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“Immediate recourse to the polls is a request and need of the vast majority of society, which can no longer stand it. And everything shows that Mr. Mitsotakis has decided to escape,” said the secretary of the SYRIZA-PS Central Committee, Rania Svigkou, in interview in ethnos.gr and states that “SYRIZA-PS is ready, at any time, to give battle to the elections.”

He comments that “Mr. Mitsotakis believes that if he holds elections in the fall, he will avoid the complete collapse of the percentages of ND”, but “he is erroneously mistaken”. He claims that “Mr. Mitsotakis, despite the image he wants to project, knows that a difficult winter is coming, and that is why he organizes all his movements with a horizon in the fall”. At the same time, he comments that he wants a lot of audacity to teach us lessons of “logic and moderation”, the one who did not hesitate to wear the helmet of the Macedonian warrior and bring his party to rallies together with the Golden Dawn, sacrificing the interest of our country, in altar of vote-rigging and partisan interest “.

Ms. Svigkou says that in order to deal with the accuracy, “the ND government does not want to take drastic measures” and “is trying to protect the super-profits of the electricity providers”. He states that “Mr. Mitsotakis will leave and leave behind a society deeply crushed by precision, rapid impoverishment, ever-increasing inequalities. But also a state wounded by regime practices, where opacity prevails, the settlement of” mothers ” , the degradation of institutions, the attempt to turn Justice into a tool of regime injustice “. He adds that “the situation in Greek-Turkish, as well as in general, in the field of foreign policy, is a reason for elections to be held an hour earlier, for this dangerous government to leave.”

He emphasizes that the problems can be faced only by a progressive government and not the current one that “systematically discriminates in favor of the strong, in favor of specific business interests”, to note that “SYRIZA-PS is fighting and will continue to fight in the interests of the great the majority of society, which every day passes is affected by this deeply anti-popular, obsessively neoliberal government, which serves specific and selfish interests “.

The secretary of the SYRIZA-PS Central Committee states that the updated government program of the party will be presented by the president, Alexis Tsipras and that “this is a specific program, absolutely costed, capable not only of offering relief and solutions to society’s problems, but and hope and perspective for the future. ” In addition, he states that the ballots will be ready at the end of July and will include the really “excellent” ones, those of everyday life and society, since they will be attended by young people, workers and unemployed, scientists and trade unionists, farmers and small and medium-sized people. who have a presence in the local government, in the movements, in local struggles “. “They will capture the strong, enlarged, even more rooted in the social reality SYRIZA-PS that will give hope and perspective and will change the country”, he emphasizes.

“We will be the first party, from the first ballot box. This will change the data and create a new dynamic,” notes Rania Svigkou. He adds that “those who, today, are vague and do not take a position, will be forced to decide” if they want a Mitsotaki government, “a neo-liberal Right that will privatize what has remained public”, “a Health and an Education only for those who have money “,” a state in the service of private, business interests “or” a progressive government that will enhance development, protect social cohesion, guarantee social peace, security and prospects for the whole of Greek society… “.


Source: Capital

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