RAE: Special instruction to electricity suppliers for bills

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By Haris Fludopoulos

The Energy Regulatory Authority issued a new directive to electricity suppliers on how the subsidy through the Energy Transition Fund should be reflected in electricity bills. RAE’s aim is to limit misleading reports and advertisements by providers regarding state subsidy.

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RAE specifically recommends that energy providers adopt a specific display format for the basic supply charge, government subsidy and final consumer price. The specific format proposed by RAE should be adopted in every published price list, informational communication, commercial – advertising entry, as well as in the Consumer Accounts. According to RAE, all elements should have the same font size, color and background as well as be placed in the same field of view.

The model proposed by RAE foresees five sections which refer to:

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In the first, the published price of the fixed charges which must be expressed in the form of €/month

In the second, the published price of the supply charge in €/KWh and concerns all customers (e.g. not only the existing ones)

In the third, the supply charge of the supplier including the supplier’s discounts in €/KWh, subtracting from the basic Supply Charge all the discounts included in each program and which can be reduced to €/kWh and concern all customers

The fourth section refers to the state subsidy of the Energy Transition Fund (in €/KWh) provided by the State through the Energy Transition Fund.

The fifth section reports the final supply charge price after the state subsidy as obtained after deducting the state subsidy from the Supplier’s Supply Charge (in €/kWh). Column 5= Column 3 – Column 4.

End of deadline

Besides, tomorrow is RAE’s deadline for the three electricity suppliers to comply with their advertising communication so that there is no misleading of consumers in relation to the state subsidy.

Information indicates that the specific providers proceeded with the necessary modifications requested by RAE. According to the Regulator, the companies in question displayed the state subsidy as their own discount when communicating their programs.

Source: Capital

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