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Rafa Kalimann reacts to criticism for acting in a soap opera: “I want directors to like it”

Rafa Kalimann 31, reacted again to criticism for her performance as an actress in his first prominent work on TV. Playing the role of the villain Jéssica, in the 7pm show on TV Globo, “Família é Tudo”, she said how do you deal with negative comments at the beginning of a new career.

Already known nationally as an influencer and former BBB member, Rafa Kalimann highlighted in a conversation on the podcast “And you?”, presented by Manu Xavier, that he does not intend to please everyone.

“This was the first job I did in the last four years where I thought: ‘Fuck what they’re going to say, think, I just want the directors and the author to like it ‘” she began.

“If I deliver this work representing the character that they, in fact, handed over to me, it’s fine, I want to live this for myself,” he said. Rafa revealed that she is focused on her professional achievement and not on “what people will like or not”.

“I’m making her [a Jéssica] for me. I go to work and I have fun. I watch it and I’m not thinking: ‘Oh my God, will people like it or not’. I want people to like it, obviously, but I see for myself “, he declared.

After venting about rumors of friction with her co-stars, Rafa once again reinforced that there is no disagreement with anyone in the artistic class and that, in fact, she felt “very welcomed”.

“It’s an overcoming in each scene, an evolution, the things that I experience there on the set, that I learn. I made many friends, actresses, actors, who welcomed me. All the people in the artistic world who have come into my life so far have welcomed me, I haven’t had any problems or issues with anyone,” she concluded on the subject.

At another point, Rafa Kalimann revealed that he has already reached change some words in the script , because I’m not used to speaking. “When I receive the texts, sometimes I say: ‘Oh, Daniel Ortiz, why did you write that? I’m going to have to say that word’. Because there are words that I cannot speak in my life”, he said.

Regarding the word “disgraced”, for example, the actress said she has difficulty speaking it. “I don’t like that word, it’s too heavy for me. If I talked at home, my parents would say, ‘No [pode]’, it’s cultural [para mim]and Jéssica has to speak”, he said.

“There are days when I try to get through unscathed, I skip the text, I change the word, I try to put another word in there to criticize Electra, and then the director says: ‘Rafa, that’s not the word’. Then I’ll go there and talk like Jéssica. But it has been very pleasurable for me to experience this and see another version of Rafa coming to the surface.”


Source: CNN Brasil

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