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Rafael Cardoso posts photos with his youngest daughter and girlfriend

The actor Rafael Cardoso 38, used social media last Sunday (7) to publish new photos alongside his girlfriend, psychologist Carol Ferraz, and with the couple’s daughter, Helena, of eight months.

After a period of discretion due to legal issues, the actor wrote: “And here comes the week: Focus, work and resilience. With love it becomes lighter.”

In the first photo, Rafael Cardoso still appears alongside a friend.

Helena is the youngest daughter of the actor, who is also the father of Aurora, 8, and Valentim, 4, from his relationship with his ex-wife, Mariana Bridi, 38. They separated in December 2022, after 15 years of marriage.

In the comments of the post in which he appears hugging Carol and holding his youngest daughter, the actor received several compliments from internet users.

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Rafael Cardoso is involved in an assault case

At the end of February, actor Rafael Cardoso was accused of assaulting and threatening to kill the manager of a bar in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. At the time, João Fernando, 64, said he was assaulted for no reason and that the actor arrived at the establishment “completely distraught.”

According to a statement from the defense, sent to CNN by lawyer Alexandre Ramalho, the client was provoked and reacted, and described the event as a “misunderstanding”.

According to the lawyer, Rafael Cardoso would be “deeply regretful for what happened, as he understands that he should have controlled his reaction better, even in the face of provocations.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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