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Rafael Puglisi: Civil Police register death of celebrity dentist as suspicious

The São Paulo Civil Police registered the death of Rafael Puglisi, a celebrity dentist, as suspicious. He was found dead on Monday (18) near the swimming pool at his home in São Paulo.

In a note sent to CNN the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat explained that investigations follow an internal rule that determines that all deaths from unnatural causes must be treated as suspicious.

The department also informed that the case is with the 2nd DP of Barueri, a city in Greater São Paulo. The text also says that expertise was requested from the Legal Medical Institute (IML) and the Criminalistics Institute (IC).

The news of his death was communicated by Rafael’s family in a post on social media. According to the publication made by the family, the dentist had hit his head while diving into the pool at his home on Monday morning. The cause of death on the death certificate released by the family was “traumatic brain injury”.

“Rafa went for his morning swim, as usual, he was at home getting ready to get into his pool and dive in, like he does every day! However, today, God wanted this dive to be different and Rafa ended up hitting his head! The doctors tried to revive him, but unfortunately he arrived at the hospital dead,” the family wrote on Instagram.

The dentist’s wake was held this Tuesday afternoon (19) at the Morumbi cemetery, in the west of São Paulo. The funeral mass and burial were open to the public.

Who was Rafael Puglisi?

According to the website of the Guy Puglisi Institute, where Rafael worked and served as clinical director, the dentist graduated from Faculdade Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) and is part of the fourth generation of professionals in his family.

“[Rafael] sought improvement in aesthetic dentistry, acquiring mastery of innovative prosthetic techniques in courses abroad. He constantly participates in international conferences bringing the latest trends in the area”, added the biography on the website.

With 4.4 million followers on Instagram, it was common for Rafael to publish photos with the famous people who made up his client portfolio, such as actress Jade Picon, comedian Whindersson Nunes, actress Larissa Manoela, striker Neymar, and more.

The website of the Institute where Puglisi worked also contains the names of clients such as presenter Silvio Santos and director Wolf Maya, for example.


Source: CNN Brasil

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