Raffaella Fico to Big Brother Vip: “I was pregnant and Mario Balotelli kicked me out of the house”

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Raffaella Fico, 33 years, she burst into tears on live TV al Big brother Vip retracing history with Mario Balotelli from which he had the daughter Also, 8 years old. The Campania showgirl said that the footballer was for her “an all-encompassing love“. Later she had other affairs (she was linked to Gianluca Tozzi, Alessandro Moggi e Giulio Fratini) «ma I’ve never been in love the same way. Mario is a very profound boy who has had problems throughout his life.

It has often appeared for what it is not. However I was small, I was 21 years old when I met him, it wasn’t love at first sight, Mario has courted me so much, on the first date he gave me red roses».

Fico explained that she did not become “pregnant suddenly”: “We were looking for a son“. But then him a child “did not want him anymore”: “Ours was a too crowded relationship, many people have put their mouths in it.” I went to London and rang Mario’s doorbell: “He was inside the house,” she said in tears. “He didn’t open it and called the police. I was destroyed. Today I forgave him, it took a few years, he apologized. “

The two have been at war for a long time. Peace they wrote it in 2014 when a DNA test recognized the paternity of Also, who had come into the world a year earlier, when their relationship was already over. «In the end the truth, Pia, my sweet child! Your dad, “announced the footballer with a tweet, calling himself dad for the first time. Seven years later, relations between Mario and Raffaella are good: “We are serene “, the showgirl told gf VIP, «He too loves Pia to death“. Today Balotelli is a father in love with two. In addition to Pia there is Lion, born of another relationship. Raffaella, on the other hand, is single, and in the House of Big Brother does not rule out finding a new love: “Never say never,” she had said before the program began.

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